Growing up, she had joyous memories watching Old Hollywood films with her father, a Cusic family tradition. She was inspired by their costume & set design, & most importantly the storytelling. As a designer, Kendra references those timeless aesthetics & applies it to her work.
As a storyteller, Kendra’s delight is to make her clients the main character in their spaces. At Cusic & Warner, the focus will never be on what's in season but on creating a classic aesthetic that can be beloved for a lifetime. Since establishing her interior design firm in 2017, Kendra has made her mark in many industries including luxury residential, commercial spaces, & high-profile film sets. She offers a fresh outlook with an inter-mixture of bold hues, rich textiles & a wide range of sumptuous styles that bring a vibrancy to each space.

At the essence of Cusic & Warner Design is its ability to listen & understand its clients. Kendra’s goal when communicating with clients is to bring warmth to every interaction.

Kendra Cusic


Cusic & Warner Design was founded by principal designer,
Kendra Cusic. Kendra focuses on designing spaces that
tell an indelible story.

My love for beautiful things came from her. Undoubtedly, both sides of my lineage – the Cusics and Warner-Brooks – have put this creative passion in my bloodstream and I had to honor them. I hope the legacy of Cusic & Warner Interiors goes beyond their wildest dreams.

The question I am asked most often is “ Well, I know who Cusic is, but who is Warner?” With a slight smile, I explain that it’s the maiden name of my dear grandmother, Baroness M. Warner-Brooks. I wanted to pay homage to my beautifully independent, creative Grandmother and recognize the woman she was before she became a wife and mother. 

Behind the Name

Baroness M. Warner-Brooks

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